Containers ordered today will be delivered between April 21st and 30th, depending on the Spring weather.

How it works

Canoyer At Home delivers fresh, seasonal planters at the beginning of each of the four seasons. Tell us the size, sun exposure, and a few preferences and we'll do the rest!

Life is busy and it's challenging to keep up. Besides the time it takes to maintain a beautiful front entry to your home or business, it also takes expertise on what plants will grow well together, proper tools necessary to successfully create a quality planter, and physical ability to wrestle the dirt, plants and containers. Not to mention the mess. We're so happy that you found us and we know you'll be thrilled with what we have to offer!

Canoyer At Home delivers fresh, seasonal planters at the beginning of each of the four seasons. At time of delivery, we even remove the old planter. Once you sign up for a Canoyer At Home planter delivery subscription, all you have to do it water!

Select your sun exposure

It's important to let us know sun exposure of where your arrangement will will be placed. We'll design a planter that works best in sun or shade, whatever your home calls for. Not sure about what your sun exposure is? No problem! Contact us after you place your order to help identify your needs.

Choose your size

Based on the amount of space you are working with, choose the container size that best works in your space. Your container will be the same size each season unless you request a change. Changes can be made up to 2 weeks before each season delivery. Access your account online or call us directly to make any changes.

We'll Take it From Here

Once you're set, we'll keep in touch via e-mail regarding delivery times, tips, and best care instructions for keeping the arrangement looking it's absolute best. There's nothing more you'll need to do! Enjoy the beauty and surprise of four fresh, seasonal planters that showcase the best of what we do!

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